Kairos is a catalyst for more insightful humans and organizations. We empower people with the foundation to perform better – at work and in life. Our meditation trainings and coaching are developed around 4 pillars for mental strength: Performance, Resilience, Innovation and Emotional Intelligence.

Kairos Corporate: For Innovative Organizations

Invest in Human Capital. Create Office Envy.


Invite meditation to work with live training options and recorded sessions. Reach out to Kairos to explore how our programs can drive your people forward.



Introductory Workshop + Demo

Meet the Pillars of Modern Meditation

Discover the Benefits of Meditation at Work


Starter Course: 6 Workshop Series

Learn + Apply the 4 Pillars Technique

Experience Growth in Mindset + Culture


Immersion Course: 12 Workshop Series

Dive Deep into the 4 Pillars of Modern Meditation

Master a Deliberate Approach for Lasting Transformation


Kairos Coaching: For Makers, Do-ers and Go-Getters

Ignite Your Potential. Develop Mental Wealth.


Put meditation to work for you with personalized meditation training and mindset coaching. Develop the focus to meet your goals, the insight to course correct, and the attitude to take compassionate action.
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Build an internal foundation to:

Recognize Mental Patterns + Reduce Stress

Move Onward from Obstacles + Dissolve Mental Barriers

Ignite Creativity + Ideate what Matters

Lead with Effective Empathy + Authenticity


We bring the tailored technique + training. You bring the commitment. Together let’s elevate your mindset.